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post3_I still remember when I first heard the song by Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill.” Something about that song—the lyrics, the melody, the unusual 7/4 time signature—gave me chills. Even now, years later, it still can make me cry.

Who among us doesn’t have a similar story about a song that touched us? Whether attending a concert, listening to the radio, or singing in the shower, there’s something about music that can fill us with emotion, from joy to sadness.

Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t, and for years now, scientists have been wondering why. Now they are finally beginning to find some answers. Using fMRI technology, they’re discovering why music can inspire such strong feelings and bind us so tightly to other people.

“Music affects deep emotional centers in the brain, “ says Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University who studies the brain on music. “A single sound tone is not really pleasurable in itself; but if these sounds are organized over time in some sort of arrangement, it’s amazingly powerful.”

How music makes the brain happy

How powerful? In one of her studies, she and her colleagues hooked up participants to an fMRI machine and recorded their brain activity as they listened to a favorite piece of music. During peak emotional moments in the songs identified by the listeners, dopamine was released in the nucleus accumbens, a structure deep within the older part of our human brain.

“That’s a big deal, because dopamine is released with biological rewards, like eating and sex, for example,” says Salimpoor. “It’s also released with drugs that are very powerful and addictive, like cocaine or amphetamines.”

There’s another part of the brain that seeps dopamine, specifically just before those peak emotional moments in a song: the caudate nucleus, which is involved in the anticipation of pleasure. Presumably, the anticipatory pleasure comes from familiarity with the song—you have a memory of the song you enjoyed in the past embedded in your brain, and you anticipate the high points that are coming. This pairing of anticipation and pleasure is a potent combination, one that suggests we are biologically-driven to listen to music we like.

But what happens in our brains when we like something we haven’t heard before? To find out, Salimpoor again hooked up people to fMRI machines. But this time she had participants listen to unfamiliar songs, and she gave them some money, instructing them to spend it on any music they liked.

When analyzing the brain scans of the participants, she found that when they enjoyed a new song enough to buy it, dopamine was again released in the nucleus accumbens. But, she also found increased interaction between the nucleus accumbens and higher, cortical structures of the brain involved in pattern recognition, musical memory, and emotional processing.

This finding suggested to her that when people listen to unfamiliar music, their brains process the sounds through memory circuits, searching for recognizable patterns to help them make predictions about where the song is heading. If music is too foreign-sounding, it will be hard to anticipate the song’s structure, and people won’t like it—meaning, no dopamine hit. But, if the music has some recognizable features—maybe a familiar beat or melodic structure—people will more likely be able to anticipate the song’s emotional peaks and enjoy it more. The dopamine hit comes from having their predictions confirmed—or violated slightly, in intriguing ways.

“It’s kind of like a roller coaster ride,” she says, “where you know what’s going to happen, but you can still be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it.”

Salimpoor believes this combination of anticipation and intense emotional release may explain why people love music so much, yet have such diverse tastes in music—one’s taste in music is dependent on the variety of musical sounds and patterns heard and stored in the brain over the course of a lifetime. It’s why pop songs are, well, popular—their melodic structures and rhythms are fairly predictable, even when the song is unfamiliar—and why jazz, with its complicated melodies and rhythms, is more an acquired taste. On the other hand, people tend to tire of pop music more readily than they do of jazz, for the same reason—it can become too predictable.

Her findings also explain why people can hear the same song over and over again and still enjoy it. The emotional hit off of a familiar piece of music can be so intense, in fact, that it’s easily re-stimulated even years later.

“If I asked you to tell me a memory from high school, you would be able to tell me a memory,” says Salimpoor. “But, if you listened to a piece of music from high school, you would actually feel the emotions.”

How music synchronizes brains

Ed Large, a music psychologist at the University of Connecticut, agrees that music releases powerful emotions. His studies look at how variations in the dynamics of music—slowing down or speeding up of rhythm, or softer and louder sounds within a piece, for example—resonate in the brain, affecting one’s enjoyment and emotional response.

In one study, Large and colleagues had participants listen to one of two variations on a Chopin piece: In version one, the piece was played as it normally is, with dynamic variations, while in version two, the piece was played mechanically, without these variations. When the participants listened to the two versions while hooked up to an fMRI machine, their pleasure centers lit up during dynamic moments in the version one song, but didn’t light up in version two. It was as if the song had lost its emotional resonance when it lost its dynamics, even though the “melody” was the same.

“In fact, when we debriefed the listeners after the experiment was over, they didn’t even recognize that we were playing the same piece of music,” says Large.

When playing the more dynamic version, Large also observed activity in the listener’s mirror neurons —the neurons implicated in our ability to experience internally what we observe externally. The neurons fired more slowly with slower tempos, and faster with faster tempos, suggesting that mirror neurons may play an important role in processing musical dynamics and affecting how we experience music.

“Musical rhythms can directly affect your brain rhythms, and brain rhythms are responsible for how you feel at any given moment,” says Large.

That’s why when people get together and hear the same music—such as in a concert hall—it tends to make their brains synch up in rhythmic ways, inducing a shared emotional experience, he says. Music works in much the same way language works—using a combination of sound and dynamic variations to impart a certain understanding in the listener.

“If I’m a performer and you’re a listener, and what I’m playing really moves you, I’ve basically synchronized your brain rhythm with mine,” says Large. “That’s how I communicate with you.

Different notes for different folks

Other research on music supports Large’s theories. In one study, neuroscientists introduced different styles of songs to people and monitored brain activity. They found that music impacts many centers of the brain simultaneously; but, somewhat surprisingly, each style of music made its own pattern, with uptempo songs creating one kind of pattern, slower songs creating another, lyrical songs creating another, and so on. Even if people didn’t like the songs or didn’t have a lot of musical expertise, their brains still looked surprisingly similar to the brains of people who did.

But if our brains all synch up when we hear the same basic dynamic differences in music, why don’t we all respond with the same pleasure?

Large, like Salimpoor, says that this difference in preference is due to how our neurons are wired together, which in turn is based on our own, personal history of listening to or performing music. Rhythm is all about predictability, he says, and our predictions about music start forming from a pretty early age onward. He points to the work of Erin Hannon at the University of Nevada who found that babies as young as 8 months old already tune into the rhythms of the music from their own cultural environment.

So while activity in the nucleus accumbens may signal emotional pleasure, it doesn’t explain it, says Large. Learning does. That’s why musicians—who’ve usually been exposed to more complicated musical patterns over time—tend to have more varied musical tastes and enjoy more avant-garde musical traditions than non-musicians. Social contexts are also important, he adds, and can affect your emotional responses.

“Liking is so subjective,” he says. “Music may not sound any different to you than to someone else, but you learn to associate it with something you like and you’ll experience a pleasure response.”

Perhaps that explains why I love “Solsbury Hill” so much. Not only does its unusual rhythm intrigue me—as a musician, I still have the urge to count it out from time to time—but it reminds me of where I was when I first heard the song: sitting next to a cute guy I had a crush on in college. No doubt my anticipatory pleasure centers were firing away for a multitude of reasons.

And, luckily, now that the pleasure pathways are now deeply embedded in my brain, the song can keep on giving that sweet emotional release.

Review: Electric Zoo, a Menagerie Designed for Dancing

post2_The seventh annual Electric Zoo, the Labor Day weekend electronic dance music festival on Randalls Island, was billed as Electric Zoo: Transformed. The sound-and-lights superstructure of its redesigned main stage was shaped like a phoenix. Actually, it was Electric Zoo persevering and slightly shrunken, with fewer performers, fewer stages and shorter schedules on most of them — a lineup of 85 acts, not the more than 100 at Electric Zoos since 2011.

That’s still more music than any festivalgoer can possibly hear. On Friday and Saturday, the days I attended, Electric Zoo’s five stages held abundant options and polarities: sugary and brutal, reverent and raunchy, plush and sparse, melodic and atonal, seamless and quick changing, formulaic and full of surprises.

Electric Zoo is settling in as an institution. Festivalgoers as usual brought their party outfits, shiny and silly, and many of the performers were making return appearances. After drug-related deaths cut short the 2013 Electric Zoo, it has become a security-minded event. There were extensive searches on entry and a clear presence of police and what the festival called “peer safety ambassadors.” This year, the festival also had a designated anthem: “Fly to New York,” a long song by Above & Beyond, Saturday’s headliner, that received a fervent singlong from the crowd. The festival’s other headliners were the Chemical Brothers, on Friday, and Alesso, scheduled for Sunday.

Above & Beyond, a three-man English songwriting and production team that sent only two members to Electric Zoo, represents dance music’s most lofty intentions. Its songs are straightforward pop ballads before they get extended with the beats and buildups of trance music, with guest vocalists promising love and empathy in grand choruses. Instead of stage patter — that would interrupt the nonstop music — Above & Beyond projects text messages amid its video display, complete with typos and backspacing and full of earnest gratitude and admonitions to cherish all of life’s “small moments.” (There was also a plug for its mobile-phone-company sponsor.) Its finale, “Treasure” was choirlike and reverential, insisting that “treasure is measured in units of love.” Things couldn’t get kindlier.

Above & Beyond was content to stay within one cozy style, and its instrumental passages grew routine. The Chemical Brothers’ Friday-night set explored far more textures and far more beats: house, funk, rock, noise, even a bit of Bollywood, each song transforming itself as it went. They were one of the festival’s examples of disc-jockey culture determined to ignore genre and follow the sound.

Zeds Dead, a duo from Toronto, offered a more lighthearted sonic variety pack, touching down with bits of pop and hip-hop before ricocheting in unpredictable ways. The French D.J. Madeon played a set that flaunted all sorts of toppings for a house beat, from chopped-up vocals to quasi-classical orchestration. Simon Patterson, Ferry Corsten, Solarstone and Markus Schulz played trance sets that concentrated on bubbly, multilayered buildups rather than pop landmarks. And while nearly all of Electric Zoo was digitally generated, adding live instruments to the electronics gave Gramatik and Keys N Krates an infusion of funk.

There was rougher, ruder, more fractured music all over the festival. As electronic dance music has scaled up from clubs to stadiums and outdoor events, big and simple effects have asserted their place: the bass drops of dubstep, the distorted hooks and chants of electro house. They can make for thrilling, whipsawing sets like the one by Excision, which swerved amid the hollowness of trap, the abysses of dubstep and the sprints of drum-and-bass, and by Bro Safari, which had a hype man to get the crowd chanting. They can also make for cheap shots and dull machismo, like Friday’s set by Borgore. The Turkish D.J. Ummet Ozcan was booked for Sunday, but the buzzing synthesizer line from his “Raise Your Hands” was inescapable in other sets, as was Lil Jon’s greeting from an Alvaro & Mercer single: “Welcome to the jungle, bitch!”

Amid the familiar names were some worthwhile new arrivals. Wiwek played snappy, percussive electro-house infused with some of the frenzy of jungle. Alison Wonderland played a set of heaving, defiant tempo changes moving amid hip-hop, trap and brief pop interjections, and did some scratching on digital turntables. Cashmere Cat offered moody, sometimes slow-motion R&B.

Booking of Electric Zoo’s techno tent, where die-hards can hear abstract, patiently evolving D.J. sets all day, was taken over by Awakenings, a long-running Dutch festival — a welcome move. With seismic subwoofers, lasers overhead and none of the smiley, arm-waving antics of the performers on the larger stages, D.J.s, including Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna, the Martinez Brothers and the duo of Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke, performing as Get Real, showed the subtleties of their chosen idiom. It could be sparse, smothering, crackling, Caribbean-tinged, even playful, all while keeping as far away from pop as dance music could. Electric Zoo also had a small area, about the size of a suburban backyard, where D.J.s perched in a treehouse played sets of house music that mostly backed up conversation.

But it’s the pop end of electronic dance music that has given Electric Zoo its wherewithal to aim at becoming an institution. According to the festival, 80,000 people attended over the weekend. Acts like Nervo, 3lau, Dirty South and Adventure Club breezed from hook to hook — from their own songs or other peoples’ — and gave a happy crowd words to shout along with. On Electric Zoo’s (mostly virtual) turntables, there was room for everything.

Music Makes You a Better Reader, Says Neuroscience

post1_It’s known as the “musician’s advantage.”

For decades, educators, scientists, and researchers have observed that students who pick up musical instruments tend to excel in academics—taking the lead in measures of vocabulary, reading, and non-verbal reasoning and attention skills, just to name a few. But why musical training conferred such an advantage remained a bit of a mystery.

Nina Kraus, director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University and research collaborator on the Harmony Project has spent her life surrounded by music. And, today, she is studying how musical training can harness the brain’s natural plasticity, or adaptiveness, to help students become better overall students and readers, even when they grow up in impoverished environments.

The “musician’s advantage,” traditionally, has been difficult to study. Often, musical training is obtained privately in one-on-one instruction—something available only to kids of higher socio-economic status. This meant that researchers couldn’t say for certain whether music was responsible for the better academic outcomes observed or whether some unrelated factor, linked to living in a home in a higher income bracket, was behind any observed difference. After all, more affluent parents are often better educated themselves—and have more time and resources to help children with their reading and school work. Perhaps music wasn’t the true differentiator.

But Kraus remained certain that there was something special about musical instruction. While the brain can change in positive ways in response to any meaningful activity, she believes music offers unique benefits.

Music and language skills rely upon auditory processing. Although reading may not be thought of as a primarily auditory activity, its foundation rests on a child making sense of incoming auditory input in order to map speech sounds correctly on to orthographic representations,” says Kraus. “Many of the same aspects of sound processing that are deficient in children with language and learning impairments have been found to be strengthened in those who receive music training, and music-based interventions have demonstrated some success in the remediation of reading problems, too.”

Kraus wondered if, perhaps, the right intervention might be able to confer the “musician’s advantage” to children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Her past research demonstrated that living at the poverty level has profound consequences for the brain. Children from impoverished backgrounds show much poorer neural encoding of sound, which leads to less efficient and “noisier” auditory processing. And that, Kraus says, has the power to negatively impact literacy skills.  But what if music could intervene and change that?

To find out, Kraus and her colleagues recruited students at an inner-city Chicago high school and matched them on reading ability, IQ and the speed at which their auditory nerves activate.  She placed half the students in a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Course. The other half joined a music training program, focusing on sight reading, playing technique, and musical performance.  When she looked at their brain’s ability to encode speech two years later, she found a profound difference: the kids who were trained in music were able to show faster responses to a speech-in-noise stimulus. Their brains, it would seem, had adapted and improved.  And it was music that made the difference.

We’ve added a critical new chapter to the story about music and education,” says Kraus. “Due to the overlap between neural circuits dedicated to speech and music, and the distributed network of cognitive, sensorimotor, and reward circuits engaged during music making, it would appear that music training is a particularly potent driver of experience-dependent plasticity in the brain that influences processing of sound related to academics.”

And those effects may reach far beyond high school. Benjamin Rich Zendel, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal, found that musical training is also a boon to the aging brain—allowing elderly persons with musical training to better differentiate speech in noise, indicating that even a small amount of music education can shape neural circuits that will help people better communicate throughout their lives.

This is why Kraus says that it’s even more important that children, of all ages and backgrounds, receive musical training as part of a standard educational curriculum—even as public school budgets are being slashed. “These programs offer the potential to stimulate positive biological changes in neural processes important for everyday communication,” she says. “Educators and legislators can look to our findings with renewed determination. Because accessible community-based music training programs can—and do—promote positive change.”

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Learning Piano Through Ear – Why is it Important

Learning piano is an excellent hobby, and anybody can learn how to play a piano if they are affirmative about it. But, the main question is that what makes a pianist stand out of crowd? If you have a little extra sparkle in your playing skills and ability to perform amongst any type of crowd and play by ear, then there are tremendous chances for you to become a popular pianist NJ. When pianists play by ear, they have a lot more freedom of expression and calmness in playing, and people can connect more to their music, rather than just reading from a musical score sheet. The best music is the one who touches the soul of the listeners, so pianists need to play the piano in a way that it reaches the soul of the listeners.

How to Train Yourself to Play by Ear on the Piano

This is something that you should know if you want to become a good pianist, as playing piano through ear is a long-term skill learnt through right training. A professional pianist is the best person to learn this skill.

In the long-term piano training, you learn how to perform like a true musician and entertain your listeners through your piano skills. However, learning how to play by ear on the piano is an art and you need to follow some steps to achieve this art. The steps are as follows,

  1. Get a copy of the song that you want to play and play it in different sections, and then join it accordingly wherever you want without relying on the music.
  2. Run your song a couple of times with the music you want to play, and then break it into different portions, so you can also add intro and chorus in it.
  3. Try and learn each section without the help of music. For this, look at the music, read it, then close your eyes again and try to play. This is more helpful if you try it away from the main music. Keep doing this till the time you have mastered it.
  4. To master playing by ear, the best trick is to learn the song by heart and in small sections. Just avoid looking down at your hands or song while playing it. If you keep yourself firm and disciplined, there is no way that you can’t learn this skill. You can definitely master it.
  5. When playing a new song, try not to rely on the music for help. Take the original song on the CD that you can refer too, and use it as a musical score for future reference. Later on, when you go to perform the song, you will definitely feel that it is a better form of expression and helps in connecting with large group of audience.

With the help of your ear, you can learn and play piano in a far better way. Becoming a popular pianist NJ is not at all impossible, if you follow your dreams of playing piano for international music brands.

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Live Your Favourite Symphonies – Learn the Piano Today

Music is food for the soul. It nourishes the soul and its beauty lingers even after the tunes have faded. Learning music in any form opens up your mind and also lets you explore talents that you might not have recognised before. Whether you pursue it as a hobby or decide to take it up as a full time career, music would certainly fulfil you in more ways than one. And what better way to start practicing than the classic piano?


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Listen Reiki Healing Music to Relax Your Mind And Soul

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What is Reiki Music?

It is defined as relaxing or healing technique that has been for generations to create a relaxing atmosphere. It makes use of universal life energy to address emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances in the body. Basically, it is a vital element in the healing process that has been used for years to treat conditions such as depression, stress and grief. The music is practiced in a calm and relaxed atmosphere that is most beneficial for healing and gives magnificent results.

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So, with these music get create a great environment for relaxation and therapy!


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Many online lenders are giving you a promise of cashing fresh money within 30 minutes after your application. But, you have to also be patient because most of the application will be cashed overnight. Getting application of online loans means you have to be really careful to your financial good management. Then, you have to also be ready for paying more of getting this online loans. This is because this kind of loans is not giving any attention to how your credit score condition is. Therefore, you can still get the loan from lenders although you have bad credit score. This will be really helpful for you, which will get them to cover your emergency needs. You will also get easy access to online lenders. Just browse them on the internet and find the most suitable lenders for you.

Financial condition of everyone is not always in balanced condition. There are many aspects which are affecting the financial condition of each person’s life. This is really important for you to get a backup plan if there might be an emergency condition occur in your life. Those kinds of emergency conditions are like the sudden disaster and also when you get in accident. In these conditions, you must be smart and you have to also think fast to solve the problem. Solving your problem will be really urgent in the condition where you have to get fresh money fast. But, if you don’t have enough money in your bank account but you have to get a huge amount of money, what choice is left for you?

Finding lenders who can give you fresh money is really important. But, if you are in an emergency conditions you cannot wait too long for the money. In fact, if you apply a loan application to bank you will get them to be cashed in long time, for at least a week and in emergency situations, you cannot even wait for that long. This means, you have to choose an alternative to give you a solving way to escape the financial need. But, you don’t have to be worried because nowadays there are some online lenders who will give you fresh money you need overnight! This is just like an oasis in Sahara. But, before you apply for the program, you have to also understand how the loans system will take you.

What things you have to prepare for your application of loans? First, you have to be a U.S citizen. You have to also prepare documents like your ID. Then, make sure you have an actual phone number and email address which can be contacted. You have to be at least 18 years old. Besides, having a job which will give you routine salary is really important to ensure lenders that you are able to repay the loans. Not only for emergency situations, you can also apply the online loans for other needs like car credit payment or when you need to upgrade your gadgets. So, it will be so much easier for you to fulfill what you need.

Does Music Have an Impact on Children’s Education

While music may look like a pointless cord in an academic or educational program, a strong body of evidence demonstrates that music can play an important part in enhancing scholastic execution. A 2005 University of North Carolina at Greensboro report states that few academic studies have discovered a general increment in test scores across over academic disciplines for students who take an interest in music programs or play a musical instrument.

Improves Mental Health

For the first two or three years of life, a child’s brains quickly sets down connections. If these connections are not utilized properly then the mind “prunes” them to concentrate on connections a child commonly uses, as indicated by the text material “Child Psychology.” Children who are presented to music during the first few years of life create extra neural associations that can assist them with mastering musical abilities. These associations do not just play an important part in music. Introduction to music can assist them with mastering spatial thinking, typical intuition and basic thinking aptitudes, each of which plays an important part in academic accomplishment.

Increased Power of Control in Motivation

There are many books or reports, written by famous neuroscientists who contend that control in motivation is one of the best indicators in academic accomplishment and grown-up achievement. They emphasize that playing a musical instrument assists youngsters with creating motivation control. From mastering fine motor aptitudes to patiently figuring out how to play in harmony, kids who take an interest in music training learn how to patiently deal with making a list of “what we want”. Generally, this introduction assists students to understand that regular, tenacious practice is vital for achievement and this helps them to develop learning skills and consistency in exceeding expectations in school.

Helps In Improving Listening Skills

It is a well-known fact that playing music obliges great listening aptitudes. Kids who take an interest in music projects or play an instrument need to realize what music sounds like and precisely impersonate the sounds they listen. A recent report found that music training creates an unassuming increment in listening aptitudes. Students who can listen calmly in class are better prepared to take in information and master academic aptitudes. They can be well prepared for their academic studies as well.

Helps To Improve Your Analytical Skills

Music and math are inseparably connected. From counting out rhythms to reading symbols, the skills students learn in music can translate into a help in math test scores. There are many organizations that published journals on this matter, clearly described that students who were highly involved in music programs showed a boosted performance in mathematical accomplishment and they are capable of scoring good in secondary school standard as well.

The very positive effects that come from music classes are self-confidence and mind-boosters. At any music institute in Kolkata, instructors always help their students to achieve the best and for that they prefer practicing skills. This learning process helps any students to prepare their academic lessons as well. Students or children get a special confidence that helps them to deal with the other things that comes to their life. Music also helps them to cherish their leisure time, which in turn helps them to stay fresh and happy.

Find the Best Way to Book the Ticket

Do you enjoy music so much? Why do you enjoy music so much in your life? Well, I believe that many people like to listen to the music in their life. By listening to the music, we will be able to have the best way to relax our mind. We will be able to have the better mind when we listen to the music. It can be said that the music really influence the mood of our mind. This kind of condition can be true since many people enjoy listening to the music and they can have the good mood to do any kinds of activities in their life.

Since music has so many types and genres, we need to find out which one is our favorite. We need to know the type of the music that we like in order to get the similar songs from the favorite one. When we love a certain kind music type, we will love the singers also. We will love how they sing and how they show the good performance in singing, right? Commonly, the singers will hold a concert and if we have the money to buy the ticket, we will enjoy the songs so much.

Are you a big fan of a certain kind of singer? If yes, you need to check the information when the singer will hold a concert. When you know already when and where they can have the concert, you need to book a ticket for the concert. You need to find out how to have the good booking for the ticket also. If you want to book the ticket for the concert, you can try to use the service from or ticketmaster. They will help you get the best deal for the concert ticket for the singer that you really love.

Tips for Buying a Great Guitar

Whether you’ve been playing the instrument for years, or are just getting started, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for in a guitar, as there are so many options out there. Different people will have different opinions about which brands are the best, but the truth is that a lot of that will come down to personal taste. If you want a guitar that you’rereally going to enjoy, you have to consider more than you might think. Even if you’ve been playing the guitar for a number of years, it’s possible that you’ve only owned one or two guitars, so the tips below should help you as you shop for the next guitar in your collection.

Consider Your Style

Musical instruments are used to make art, so it’s important that you appreciate the physical appearance and design of the instrument that you buy. It’s also important that you know what kind of music you intend to play. Nobody can tell you what style is the best choice; this is something that you have to think about. If you’ve been playing the guitar for a few years, what kind of music do you typically like to play? Do you want to play blues, or would you prefer to play classical pieces? If you enjoy playing blues, you’d probably enjoy any guitar from the PRS guitars collection that’s available. However, if you prefer to play classical music, you’ll probably want a great acoustic guitar instead.

Consider Your Use Case

What will you be doing with this instrument after you purchase it? If you’re a novice guitar player, you may spend a lot of your time practicing, and little time performing. Therefore, you may not need a lot of the additional features offered on some of the more expensive models. However, if you plan to play for friends, you may want to ensure that your guitar has the appropriate features for your use case. If you’re going to be playing at parties, you will want to ensure that the guitar has the appropriate electrical inputs so that you can use an amplifier. This is an option on many acoustic guitars in addition to electric guitars. If you’re going to be recording music professionally, it would certainly be important that you ensure that you are getting the absolute best quality sound.

Consider the Physical Design

Musical instruments are designed to help people create art, so to a degree, it is important to think about the way the instrument looks when you’re making a purchase. You may spend a good deal of money on this instrument, so it would certainly make sense to pay attention to how it looks, and to then purchase something that suits your particular style. Many people keep guitars in their collection for decades, so it becomes important to have an instrument that you enjoy looking at, and that you enjoy playing.


4 Things To Consider When Selecting A Recording Studio In Jacksonville FL

You have no idea that looking for a good quality recording studio Jacksonville FL, it is somehow confusing. You get a lot of options, still have no clue which one of them that worth your dollars. If you wonder about what it takes to find a proper recording studio around Jacksonville FL, consider these four key factors before you finalize your decision. As you are expecting the best outcome for your project, first thing’s first, consider the professionals that work behind the studio. Either the music producer and music writer should have experience and expertise.


Another next thing which is also pivotal for a recording studio that serves you right, figure out the tools that they use to handle your project alongside with other facility. Advanced technology is one among other essentials for achieving a top standard quality. For narrowing down the wide range of option, note only those recording studios that cater you with latest technology for its computer software and also for its recording techniques. Put it aside, the place where the project is handled should accommodate the process too. The studio should be comfortable enough with all of its essentials.


Lastly, give some thoughts for the price that you should pay. You can’t assume that the more you pay, the better quality that you get, or the cheaper the price the lower the quality that you obtain. Solution? Rather than focus on the price, think first about the feeling that you get when you visit or interview peculiar recording studio providers in Jacksonville FL or its surrounding. Suppose that you feel comfortable with anything that you find there, pay more concern about it. Looking one in Jacksonville FL, if you want take some tour with Mighty Music Group to find out whether the services which are offered with some other factors that you yearn for meeting your project needs or not.


Its Time To Rock Your Event With Live Acoustic Performance

Hiring the right musicians is among the different tasks host need to deliver to accomplish that perfect event. With the innumerable alternatives available, it could truly get to be overpowering. What’s more, regardless of the fact that the host needs to hire the best Live Acoustic Performer from the town, But there will always be budget considerations. While there is no certain fire formula on the best way to hire the best acoustic performer, the below given tips may give you the actual idea to hire the musician for your event.

Fix a Budget

Much the same as any buying decision, fixing a budget is important in the event that you need to locate the right live acoustic performer. This won’t just keep you aware of spending more than you can bear the cost of on event entertainment, yet will make the hiring process less demanding as well. An extraordinary way of doing this is by asking relatives, friends, church individuals, or wedding planners on the typical costs. Seeking the web is likewise significant when setting up a rough estimation.

In the wake of examining all the information assembled in your initial study, you will then need to choose which sorts of the acoustic performer you need and costs concur with your budget. Try not to stress if you figured out that you horribly thought little of wedding musician costs. There will always be somebody willing to cover your occasion even with low budget limits.

What Type of Musician you need?

It is also essential that you narrow down your search by focusing on one or two types of musicians to hire. It could be from one of the most regular ones like traditional guitarists, live acoustic performer, string quartets and harpists. In the event that you like to advance a more cutting edge and energetic air on your occasion, having a live band might simply be a good fit for you.

A good way of choosing this is to focus the identities and age profiles of your guests. Live groups are ordinarily chosen when the greater part of guests are young.

Get Recommendations from other People

While friends and relatives are always eager to give their best recommendations, somebody with enough experience and information on choosing the right acoustic performer could really be of more noteworthy help. You don’t have to depend singularly on event planners. Extraordinary musician offices are skilled in giving proficient guidance so that you prerequisites and identity are good with the musician you will be hiring.

You will have a hint on the genuineness of an organization by the way they solicit the subtle elements from your occasion and inclinations. Somebody with a genuine aim of giving the best recommendations should endeavor to know as much data as you can grab about their live acoustic performance.

Behind Story of SingForHope.Org

There are many ways to do good deeds for others, and yes, it can be anything as far as there is a good intention in it. Whilst, for Sing For Hope, they encourage others by using the power of arts, thanks for more than 1500 artist for becoming the volunteers for this deeds. They, through, have such an idea to allow everyone to enjoy arts without any obstacle. As its core idea is to assist others by utilizing arts, it implies that their program includes any people in need for assistance regardless of their ages. On another words, it can be youngster, seniors, or anyone to share hope in any community they reside.


Throughout the program that they set trying to ignite hope for NYC community to enhance their life. Not to mention, but those people who stand behind Sing for Hope believe that arts in its many from can heal and cater joy to anyone that involve in it. So, what they do? Among others, they bring arts to the street by placing coloring pianos to the public areas or parks that can be played by anyone who want to play. The piano will stay there, (either in public areas or parks) in two weeks throughout summer.


The colored piano itself is design by distinctive designers or artists that responsible for its one of a kind look. There will be also spontaneous concert that is held by both professional and amateur. You may say that anyone can contribute into this concert. After that two week joyful festival, guess what? All of the tool or the equipment like music instrument for instant, mostly piano, it will be donated to certain organization or community. Say that you want to know more about anything that they do for its community, or else you want to be included for any event that they held, ensure to see through their website.

Illustrious Music Producer in London

Music is beyond the language. A good piece it appeals or pleases the ears irrespective of language or the composer. Melody that comes from heart directly reaches the heart, soul and has long lasting impact on mind and tongue which keeps on humming it after and after. A good piece of it is not sole effort of music director but is collective effort of musician, sound record, singers, and engineers and off course the music composer himself.


United Kingdom has produced some illustrious music producers who have won the hearts of the millions of hearts by their exceptional compostions. Almost all music producers are based in London with their recording set up. Music Producer in London is hard core professionals and whole heartedly dedicated to their work. They have a crew of engineers and band of musicians who on his direction help to entice the composition. They can make your lyrics and a track pleasant to ear and are known to boost a simple musical line up. Whether a private album, an international musical project, back ground scores or melody composition in Hollywood projects their work have been noted and far famed. They also provide excellent studios to ensure the best composition. Latest and new musical instruments and equipments are provided by them in a peaceful and well constructed construction called studio possessing all facilities of comfort and musical requirement to extract and give the best. Song producers London have proved their worth in is small or big projects are it jingles composition for advertisements, private albums or international projects for movies.

One can see their work and other facilities provided by them on internet by entering music producers London. Pop Music is very popular these days. It has been originated in western countries like United Kingdom and United States. The word pop has been derived from the word popular. It have its roots in UK and being originated music producer have special feel for it and have produced the world best pop .They are skilled and expert in pop which is eclectic and has elements of all other forms like Rock, Urban, dance and Latina and are integral parts of pop . They possess all musical instruments required and bespoke in the studio. Their catchy and dance numbers compels to tap feet’s and move on the floors. One of the far famed Pop Music Producer in London, Steven Williams has delivered some best pop music compositions and has made this beautiful music form a rage in the world

Host A Silent Disco Party With Wireless Headphones

Do you remember the era when “Beatles” first produced their energizing music and made the crowd go crazy with their beats? Of course, you do. Following their footsteps, we had so many bands who made the masses drool over with their muscle-thumping cords and pounded their hearts with their electrifying record labels. These rock stars have made us all shake legs on their popular beats ever since. Today, we have DJs doing the same. Partying and dancing with friends is something which every youth wants to indulge in. However, there are several restrictions to loud music. To beat the odds and still organize a party which marks an impression amidst your friends, you now have the flexibility of a silent disco. With wireless headphones, you can call for a party at anytime and anyplace. Possibly known as the future of entertainment, these wifi headphones make you put on your party shoes and invigorate a sense of freedom.


These party headphones save you the cost of organizing a party in a closed setting or a discotheque and explore the options of open settings. Each member is wearing his or her party headphones and listening to their favorite music. Also, a revelation has been added to these headphones as they come with 2-channel wireless settings. With these 2-channel wireless headphones, you can hop between desired music labels and make the most of your gala time. With a feature to allow silent disco, partying with friends is so much fun. Well, you must be wondering how these headphones function? Based on the configuration of radio frequency availability, these specialized headphones make use of electromagnetic waves that lie in the same bandwidth. You have a central music system playing the party songs which communicate with all the headphones via electromagnetic waves. In split seconds, the two devices connect and you hear your party song playing in your ears. Having a pair of specialized radio frequency headphones, you can listen to your favorite songs and party all night without disturbing anyone around. You can now choose multiple locations and host a party. With silent party headphones in action, you can put an end to noise pollution in and around the city.

If you are willing to buy these phenomenal party headphones right now, do not look elsewhere. You now have the flexibility to buy superior quality silent party headphones at unbeatable prices. Browse online and shop for your astounding silent disco headphones. You can have your headphones delivered at your doorsteps. Host a party and spring in with your most loved tunes.


Brief Information about Bowing Violin for the Beginners

The violin is the sweetest music playing instrument ever. The sound composed of it by the hands of a great expert is highly mind blowing. So, everybody take a look to learn the instrument. You might think that the expert is playing the instrument so easily. But the thing is not as easy as you see. So, you have to be confident enough and should have enough stamina to learn the lesson. Learning music is a kind of passion and sometimes people take it as profession.

While learning violin lesson, you will see that two kinds of factors play the basic part of music composing: one is to bowing and the next is to running left hand finger on the fret board. The bowing identifies the tone of music and the left hand fingers modulate the tone. The performance of the both hands makes music perfect and awesome. Let’s discuss about the blowing of the instrument for the beginners. The best violin lessons in Singapore always follow the strategy very much.

Hand position

The way to hold the bow of the instrument perfectly should be learnt properly. This is the most vital thing for which the beginners always struggle with. You have to keep in mind that the palm of the hand should be towards the ground. The tip of the thumb should touch one side. The three fingers in the middle will go to the upper side. Now, practice this way and hold the bow. You will not be able to acquire the perfect gripping style by a glance. You have to take time and practice for some days. In this way, you will be able to grasp the lesson then perfectly.

You have to keep in mind that your bow should not fall down from the grip. You have to strive more and more. If you cannot grip properly, you will not be able to acquire the best playing technique.


Strings of the blow

The strings of the violin are rubbed by the bow strings. The bow strings are called hair. But, you need to learn that you cannot play the instrument by rubbing bow strings over the violin string. You have to make friction on the both strings, and rosin has been used for this purpose. You have to learn how to tone up the strings of the violin and the bow strings. Otherwise, you will get an odd sound composition from the instrument.

Playing the violin

After the guidance of the teachers of violin lessons in Singapore, you have learnt how to hold the bow and rub it. The next step is to play and compose music gradually. On the violin, you will get only four strings. The strings are named as G, D, A, E. The G string is the large vibration making string. The sharpest sound producing string is E. You have to grip the instrument perfectly and then run your fingers according to the guidance of the teachers of violin lessons. In this way you can play chords and notes and then a full song.

The description of bowing the instrument cannot teach you perfectly. So, you have to contact the best music school for practical lessons and fulfill your ambition.

Music Producer London and His Voiceover Studio

A good and melodious music touches the heart irrespective of its language .It is been rightly said that melody is not monopoly of any one territory or composition breaks all territories and brings the world more close. Classical music is said to be father of all song.

Music producer London Steven Williams has his roots grounded strong with classical music which can be felt by hearing song composed by him. The music producer based in London composes music straight from heart which has long lasting melodious impact on the brain, heart, ear and tongue leading to store in memories of listeners. The Music Producer in London is not skilled in composing or music direction job only but is one man with entire knowledge of music production. Whether is it composition technical aspects of song production, set up, song writing or financial aspects or Recording?


Music producer London is a well known pop song director and has delivered some outstanding pop music appreciated all around the world. Their work has been an instance for people of rest of the world. Be it a Rock, pop, Contemporary, classical, semi classical or jazz the team and the song producer themselves are well skilled and aquatinted by different forms of music. They are equally devoted to all projects whether small advertisements, composing a jingle or big projects of Hollywood movies.

Music producer London has given break to many new comer and established singers and has given new heights to their carriers. Few Private albums of pop singer Britney spears are popular worldwide and their work too is noticed across the world

The London based Chapel studio is a portal for all kinds of recording facilities like a voice over, dubbing, mixing, animation composition , back ground scores and music for big projects of Hollywood. Proper interiors for chorus singers or solo with a sound proof booth every single requirement of technical team or band of musician are carefully emphasized and provided. It has a splendid facility of Voiceover Studio Recording in London too. Voice over plasma or LCD, Phone patch facility, ISDN or connect facility, voice over technical experts are the basic requirement which Chapel studio possesses proudly. . During voice over it is synchronized visual with voice over sound is of utmost importance and is done carefully. Voice over recording can be done by an expert only and Chapel studio with complete conducive set up and team is worldwide acclaimed for its voice over quality and products.

The Flash Pants Band

Are you hosting a wedding, private party or any corporate event and you need some entertainment? Well, here is a band that will meet all your entertainment needs. The 80s cover band orange county presents the Flash Pants.

People will always remember your wedding or a party you hosted based on various circumstances. It may be the food, the venue or even the entertainment offered. Hire the orange county 80s band and the event you hosted will be the talk of the community.

Did I mention that some members of the band also double as DJs? How great is that! Bands are supposed to be exciting, class and fun. Orange county 80s band totally meets these criteria. The DJs can play any music request, and change the direction of the music but they cannot beat a band. A band that has Djs as part of its members can bring life to an event.


The process of hiring the bad is pretty easy. All you need to do is visit their site online or give them a call. Once they agree to grace your event, they will start the event in a formal attire by playing sot classy jazz music for the cocktail hour. The code name for this event is Jazz pants.

Later on, one of the members who double up as D and MC will take the floor. He/she is tasked with responsibilities such as announcing grand entrances, toasts and dances. The final event of the day is the funniest choreography that you will ever see. The band members will be rocking a full 80’s attire. After that, the band- DJ switch can be made based on the responses from the guests.

Some people may not be so trusting. They may demand to meet the band beforehand. There is no need to worry as they band will readily meet with you. There are testimonials on the internet that one can watch and rate the band’s performance. There are also reviews online. One can also get referrals from other people who have hired the band before. A lot of couples and wedding guests have left a lot of positive reviews.

Here are some positive reviews from satisfied guests. They said that the band was exciting and entertaining. The MC made guest participation by asking the guests to sing if they wanted to be served first. Members of the team are professional and charismatic. Aside from that, their entertainment is unique. The different attire for the different pieces makes it more exciting to watch.

Illustrious Music Producer in London

Music is beyond the language. A good piece it appeals or pleases the ears irrespective of language or the composer. Melody that comes from heart directly reaches the heart, soul and has long lasting impact on mind and tongue which keeps on humming it after and after. A good piece of it is not sole effort of music director but is collective effort of musician, sound record, singers, and engineers and off course the music composer himself.


United Kingdom has produced some illustrious music producers who have won the hearts of the millions of hearts by their exceptional compostions. Almost all music producers are based in London with their recording set up. Music Producer in London is hard core professionals and whole heartedly dedicated to their work. They have a crew of engineers and band of musicians who on his direction help to entice the composition. They can make your lyrics and a track pleasant to ear and are known to boost a simple musical line up. Whether a private album, an international musical project, back ground scores or melody composition in Hollywood projects their work have been noted and far famed. They also provide excellent studios to ensure the best composition. Latest and new musical instruments and equipments are provided by them in a peaceful and well constructed construction called studio possessing all facilities of comfort and musical requirement to extract and give the best. Song producers London have proved their worth in is small or big projects are it jingles composition for advertisements, private albums or international projects for movies.

One can see their work and other facilities provided by them on internet by entering music producers London. Pop Music is very popular these days. It has been originated in western countries like United Kingdom and United States. The word pop has been derived from the word popular. It have its roots in UK and being originated music producer have special feel for it and have produced the world best pop .They are skilled and expert in pop which is eclectic and has elements of all other forms like Rock, Urban, dance and Latina and are integral parts of pop . They possess all musical instruments required and bespoke in the studio. Their catchy and dance numbers compels to tap feet’s and move on the floors. One of the far famed Pop Music Producer in London, Steven Williams has delivered some best pop music compositions and has made this beautiful music form a rage in the world

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